Flomor Ltd, a Kenyan based company was established in in 2011 by Florence Ambogo.

Florence, a Kenya business women and “deal maker” with established business experience in East Africa was the regional manager for the German Multinational Beiersdorf Ltd, Florence established vast relations across East Africa with Wholesalers as well as Retail networks to develop the best strategy to match the demand between East African companies and organizations and the Western brands.

One of the major challenges Florence has found during here many years in the field, is that companies and organizations across East Africa have a challenge to finance their deals.

Flomor Ltd started to build a distribution network for multinational companies for consumer goods and medical equipment on the East African continent. At the same time, Flomor Ltd, acted to supports its customers in East Africa with financial solutions that allow them to buys high quality consumer goods and high end brands.

Many wholesalers and retailers in East Africa would like to buy branded western consumer goods, however often they do not have the possibility to pre-finance such deals, to buy container loads of goods.

The business model?

East Africa Community with 230 Million people The East Africa community is a leading economy structure in Africa, Kenya, Tanzania , Uganda, Rwanda , and South Sudan are the current members in the community.

The community’s major topic is to become a leading economy player, with Free Zone and internal tax free trade agreements between its members. 

Many Western companies are interested to sell their products to East African countries, but direct business is very difficult because of Economic and political risks, as well as security issues, lack of financing from potential clients, missing distribution, no local brand building support, etc. 

Our distribution chain covers a wide geographical business hub from; Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, East Congo and Southern Sudan. Our presence is to cut across all diversified regions with utmost trust and loyalty to our customers in timely and dignified principles of business.

Florence Ambogo

Florence Ambogo

Director of Flomore Ltd