Our experience and success with stationary and school books, lead us to the next project: the purchase, financing and sale of “textbooks”, i.e. academic and study books from well-known “publishers” in Europe and the USA for Africa. 

We have established collaborations with a number of universities and libraries in East African countries to get them these books. 

Our big advantage is that with our established business model, we can pre-finance all these deals 100%, which is mostly not possible for the universities or libraries in Africa themselves. Therefore, they need us.

The main categories of Text Books
we concentrate on are:

Medical Books

Law Books

Science and Math Books

Business and Money Books

Here are some of our partners for this project:

University of Nairobi, Kenya,
Nairobi library

Moi University,
Kyambogo University,
Uganda, Kampala

University of Dar Es Salaam,

The Kenya National

Uganda Library and Information

National Univercity of